Rodrigues Island

27 dec 2023  

06 jan 2024 

Dx-pedition by  1at065   1at090 

 Rodrigues      island     AF-017 

PIllot station  1at784

257AT/0 Supporters

This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to a nice  DX-pedition, by experienced  Team,  to a wanted DXCC entity on 11mt. 
Your support will help to lower down the costs (e.g. airfare, transfers, excess baggage, accommodation, taxes, travel insurance).
Your help is very important to continue having th DX-pedition on 11mt. 
To support, simply click on the PayPal icon  (sending money to a friend/family)

Any sponsor who contributes 15 Euro or more towards the 257AT0 dxpedition will receive the following outstanding benefits…

- Receiving all details and info, photos before and during all the Dx-     pedition
- SPECIAL QSL DIRECT  from Rodrigues Island with details of qso
- Special supporter Certificate
- Access to Facebook and WhatsApp  private group 257AT0 (see here         down the links for to entry in this groups)
- Knowing exact time and date of operation on radio.      

Link to join the groups 257at/0

Only for supporters 


Write on note Paypal    
"donation for 257at/0"  
your Callsign and your personal address!


    log on-line


Prefiss DXCC:  257 

27 december  2023 - 06 jannary 2024 

Type of Activity:  DXCC / IOTA
Country:  Rodrigues Isl.
IOTA Reference:  AF017
Team Member/s:  1AT065 - 1AT090
Station details: 2x ICOM IC 7300 - POWER 500 watt
Skypper antenna 3 elements
QSL Manager:  1AT090 PayPal: [email protected]
Qls card : normal contribution 

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